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J-Ogg Vorbis

This library extends J-Ogg Ogg with a Vorbis decoder. Most of it is a new Java-optimized implementation based on the file format specification, but there are still a few parts just rewritten in Java, but based on the reference C implementation libvorbis from Xiph foundation like residue type 2 decoding and the inverse MDCT. The library still lacks some functionality for decoding "exotic" Vorbis files, but should cope very well with files encoded using standard encoder settings. The library has no support yet for floor type 0, residue type 0 and residue type 1 is only supported for mono files. In addition to actually decoding the audio data, the library offers full access to the header's meta data like title, artist, and so on.

Known bugs or missing features

  • floor type 0 is not supported
  • residue type 0 is not supported
  • residue type 1 is only supported for mono streams, using type 2 decoding
  • the decoder is not working properly for streams with a very high or very low bitrate


  • optimization of the iMDCT code